Copy Editing & Writing

I learned to edit while working at my college newspaper. I coached underclassmen staff writers with the other editors after weekly meetings and watched the stories improve in a semester. Professionally, I have edited several issues of a classic car magazine and sometimes freelance copy edit and write.

When I write and edit copy for marketing pieces, I think about how the consumer will absorb the message. In a traditional ad I created for dental procedures for an older crowd, I found the demographic will connect and most likely respond with more conservative wording.


The first script I wrote was for an online webseries I produced. I needed some inspiration, so I asked some friends out of the blue one day what they liked about the subject matter. That lead me to look up some automotive words on UrbanDictionary.com. My first draft was shot down by the executive producer, but then the ideas and direction of the episode started pouring out.

News Articles

I have always had an inquisitive mind, which led me to study journalism in college. Studying and practicing journalism taught me to hone my questions and listen. When I wrote for the student newspaper, the practice of interviewing and speaking with strangers made me consider what the audience would want to know. Surely students at my liberal arts college wanted to know how the student government and student newspaper were going to share an open office space! Several articles followed.

Press Releases

Major events took place during my internship and I had the opportunity to write about health awareness events and entertainment events, after proving I could successfully stuff invitations into envelopes.