I have learned projects are the most efficient (and the ROI is the highest) when a production is intricately planned. With every video project, I strive to make the pre-production process a creative and detailed one, to make production and post-production a breeze and the ROI high.

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I’m a hands-on learner and I train others the same way. I have taught a handful of production assistants camera commands and how to successfully operate one. Whether it’s new equipment or a new procedure, I sit with the trainee and walk them through the process, ready to answer any questions they might have. My experience in retail gave me many opportunities to train new associates on financial transaction policies and how to keep a busy store stocked and presentable to customers.

Pre-production & Production

On my very first commercial shoot, I was the production assistant. At the end of the shoot, the director and producer appreciated my work so much, they told me my credit for that project was associate producer. Since then, I have worked on many commercials, often wearing a producer hat, among others. I’ve managed schedules for freelance crew workers, worked with vendors for equipment orders and arranged shot lists and call sheets. Sometimes my producer hat means walking six miles a day for an entire week at a trade show, and other times it means delegating tasks to the production assistant. The most important thing I’ve learned about wearing a management hat in video production is putting out fires means coaching (and then trusting) others to do their jobs correctly.


The first video I edited was a year and a half after I got started in video production, and a complete mess. Since then, I have become comfortable working in Final Cut Pro X and I am learning Adobe Premiere Pro.

I believe the best videos tell a story. I have this ingrained story telling understanding from studying journalism, and know the viewer usually wants to know the purpose for watching a video. Good music and appropriate graphics can make a simple montage POP and that’s what I strive to accomplish, even from my very first edit.


I understand the basics of lighting and I can independently set up three-point lighting for a talking head or interview style production. I have experience on product photography and videography (especially when shooting chrome wheels). I am comfortable with and understand the basics of using fresnels and two- and four-bank fixtures.


I helped setup a live feed studio with wired mics to a mixer and an IFB (with lighting and backdrop) in about an hour before the talent arrived. I know my way around XLR cables and small sound mixers, wireless and wired mics. I have an ear for music and can pick out instruments to properly time a video during post-production.

Video Equipment (cameras:  ENG, drones, DSLR)

I learned to fly a drone in a ready-to-harvest strawberry field. I have filled the assistant role on numerous shoots with all kinds of cameras. I have learned a lot about the camera world and I take any opportunity to educate myself on new and new-to-me gear. I am most comfortable operating ENG cameras and one of my favorite roles on productions is directing aerial shots.

Set Design & Wardrobe

I’ve always loved making crafts and I approach set design with the same passion, but on a large scale with a bigger budget than I set for my personal projects. I worked at Banana Republic for over three years and spent a year as the visual specialist. Some days I would get to spend all day steaming clothes and outfitting the mannequins and I loved it. Working with my hands is my fun, creative release and one of my favorite parts of video production