My approach to marketing is “how can I further educate people loyal to my brand and people who do not know about my brand.” I like to completely absorb the mission behind the brand and focus on how to reach potential new consumers. Here’s how I do it:


For a non-profit client, one of my roles on the commercial I helped produce was to design an elementary classroom set. I knew the target age demographic, researched the grade level, examined the curriculum and created and selected appropriate decorations. The client liked some of the things I made so much that they asked me to leave them hanging after we wrapped that location.


When I was in college, studying and practicing journalism, I learned to “walk my beat” in a reporting class. I grasped the fundamentals of how to venture outside of my comfort zone and experience things as the audience would. I like to learn and understand an audience with good ol’ fashioned first-hand research. At the start of a project, I research the subject online and then visit the location or play with the product and do the same with the direct competitors.

Client Relationships

When I worked as a hair stylist, I found the most important aspect of the job was to focus on the client and provide excellent customer service. I learned excellent time management skills during busy days when I was double booked and had a client scheduled for a haircut while another client’s hair color processed. (Insert pun about things “getting hairy” from time to time.) My years of customer service and retail experience have given me the skills to build and form good rapport and relationships with clients, contractors and vendors.

Social Media

I managed the social channels for a video production studio and found Instagram was the most popular platform among filmmakers. I saw our contract crew members frequently posting behind-the-scenes photos of the work they were doing, and I sharpened the studio’s social appearance to reflect the same. I learned even more about the audience from personal interactions and I studied hashtags and common themes from competitors and others in the industry.



At a sport-themed fundraising event for the Children’s Cancer Center, my role as a volunteer was to sell raffle tickets for the event’s most valuable prize. I approached event attendees and upsold about 50 percent of those who initially wanted one $25 ticket to five tickets for $100. My raffle ticket team of four people exchanged ideas and sales tactics throughout the event and we doubled the expected income for that prize. After the event, I realized that when I have a mission that serves someone other than myself, I give 110 percent to achieve a goal. I am confident when I know the subject matter and my passion shines through when I need to do sales work.


One of my first missions upon joining the team at the video production studio was to create an online presence. They had a website and an underwhelming Facebook page. I diligently claimed all of the local listings, created and maintained new social channels and rewrote the website content in a more SEO-friendly manner. I tracked our inquiries from the organic-only online marketing and over two years, the number of inquiries doubled and in turn, the amount of work and income tripled.

Campaign marketing

One of my non-profit clients likes to rely on my team’s work for a lot of their campaign images. During our video production days, and even a dedicated photo shoot, I’ve produced content for commercials, online videos, billboard images and marketing materials. In dental marketing, the message is pretty much the same–go see your dentist. It’s about the approach and a certain demographic that appeals to different procedures the message can deliver. Consistency is key and I pride myself in thinking big picture while focusing on details like diversity, talent/subject presentation and where the content will be published.