When I was in college, a new acquaintance told me I was “funny-looking.” He backtracked quickly, “But not like that! I mean you look like you’re funny!” Fast forward several years to when a coworker told me I wasn’t funny. I updated my screensaver to read “Taylor is Hilarious” so every time he walked by my desk, he had a friendly reminder.

I have two sisters, six years and 10 years younger than me. I learned how to lead and work hard from my family. I’ve watched my dad manage his aftermarket automotive business and my grandmother run a salon since I was a kid. I have a “no job is too small” mentality — if the actor’s shorts get soaked and he needs another pair, I will do whatever it takes to find a solution (I handled that one in real life).

I’ve always had a producer’s mindset with projects. I like to dig my hands into every element. When I was a kid, I delegated tasks for group presentations and, in college, I spent Saturday nights putting together the newspaper (and eating a lot of pizza) with the editors. I’ve learned a lot about business and come to value that time really is money, efficiency is key and a little pre-production and planning can save a lot of hair from getting ripped out.

I learn by doing. I can pick up new programs and skills quickly with just some online tutorials and a few days to tinker and troubleshoot. I believe in doing things right the first time and prioritizing the client’s wishes. I welcome constructive criticism and sometimes beg for it — I’m not one for critiques sandwiched between compliments.

I am passionate about my work and want every project to be the best it can be.